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How We Brought Cold Korean Noodles to Ala Moana

Manna Myon concept was started almost by an accident by a native Korean Jung del Carpio and her husband Rodrigo. The couple operated a sushi place in Honolulu and decided to add two traditional Naeng Myon dishes prepared by the traditional Korean recipe - chilled Korean noodles or cold Korean noodles. 

Immediately, Mul Naeng Myon and Bibim Naeng Myon became popular and gradually created a group of patrons coming only for them.

Within a few moths, the business could not keep up with the demand because of the special way of making the noodle dishes that is completely different process and the idea to open a restaurant based on cold noodles and other Korean dishes was born. 

Typically, in Korea, people add a little bit of meat with noodles thus Manna Myon - Cold Korean Noodles and Grill.

Rodrigo and Jung del Carpio
Jung and Rodrigo del Carpio, owners of Manna Myon
How can you tell great Naeng Myon from the others?
Besides the quality noodles and cooking process, the broth is the key. Sometie the broth tastes too watery with little flavor. Our broth immediately opens with frangrance and full palate of fruits and vegetables. The second difference is sauce. We take great price in the texture and flavors of our sauce.
What makes the cold Korean noodles so special?
This a very unique and elaborate dish and one of the most characterictic Korean foods. We use special seagrass noodles imported from Korea, secret slightly spicy and sour sauce and the broth. We prepare the broth fresh every day by a special 5-hour process from 4 different fruits and 5 veatables. The broth is then kept close to a freezing temperature to achieve the sloshy texture.
Do you offer online deliveries?
We don't. Our chilled Korean noodles taste best when enjoyed right away. Come and savor the refreshing sour and lightly sweet taste with icy crystals, crunchy cucumbers, and filling noodles in your mouth. If you are shoopping in Ala Moana and crave for a refreshing meal, the cold Korean Noodles will be a perfect fit for the moment.
Manna Myon, LLC
1450 Ala Moana Blvd, #5550
Honolulu, HI 96814

Conveniently located in the Makai Market Food Court on the street level of the Ala Moana Shopping Center

Questions? Call (808) 946 1746
Monday 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
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